President Trump Makes Fun of His Christian Supporters

One day in 2015, Donald Trump beckoned Michael Cohen, his longtime confidant and personal attorney, into his office. Trump was brandishing a printout of an article about an Atlanta-based megachurch pastor trying to raise $60 million from his flock to buy a private jet. Trump knew the preacher personally—Creflo Dollar had been among a group of evangelical figures who visited him in 2011 while he was first exploring a presidential bid. During the meeting, Trump had reverently bowed his head in prayer while the pastors laid hands on him. Now he was gleefully reciting the impious details of Dollar’s quest for a Gulfstream G650.

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Franklin Graham Warns of ‘Attack’ on Christian Businesses if Joe Biden Wins 2020 Election

Evangelist Franklin Graham says an America run by a President Joe Biden and a Democratic Congress would result in Christian businesses and nonprofits being attacked for their beliefs and potentially shut down.

Graham, the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, made the comments Saturday on Newsmax TV’s America Right Now, saying a Biden victory this week coupled with a Democratic takeover of the U.S. Senate would have dire consequences for Christians.

“I am afraid there will be an attack against Christian businesses like we saw during the Obama administration. Florists who refuse to do flowers for a gay wedding, they will be put out of business. Someone who didn’t want to make a cake for a gay wedding, put out of business. I think they’ll see these kinds of attacks by the Left against Christian businesses and Christian organizations,” Graham said. … “I think they want to try to come after churches and tax churches and tax tax-exempt organizations that are doing humanitarian work, social work throughout the country.

“Some of the best work in the country are the nonprofits that are working in the inner cities and throughout the country, trying to help relieve some of the problems that we have in society, and they’ll want to try to tax them and close them down.”

The Biden campaign website says the Trump administration “has deliberately and systematically attempted to gut protections for the LGBTQ+ community by carving out broad religious exemptions to existing nondiscrimination laws and policies across federal agencies.”

Former Homosexual Man Paid God $5K to Make Him “Straight”

31 year old John McCransely of Tucson, AZ explains that he was cured of his “homosexuality” due to a $5,000 donation and a prayer.

McCransely posted this statement on all of his social media accounts:

“For 21 years I lived in sin, I was turned into a homosexual when I was just 10 years old by the Hollywood cinema elite, but I’m relieved to say that I’m no longer a homosexual.

I was drawn sexually to men, pretty much all men, I wasn’t very choosey because I just needed to have sex with men, I couldn’t help it because the sin of homosexuality corrupted my mind when I was just 10 years old while watching the Patrick Swayze movie “Dirty Dancing”. I believe the movie corrupted my soul because all I could think about after seeing it was Patrick Swayze’s backside and how much I wanted to dance with him and be with him.

But thankfully to prayer I have eliminated all desires of the homosexual male habbits from my soul, mind, and body and now I see females as my true fruit.

Last month I went to my church and made a deal with the man upstairs telling him that I would donate $5,000 to the church if he turned me straight. Well 5 days later I woke up a straight man. I wanted to make sure that the homosexuality wouldn’t come back so I attempted to watch “Dirty Dancing” again just to make sure I wouldn’t be sexually attracted to Mr. Swayze, but I decided to not risk the miracle that I was granted and didn’t hit play on my Blue Ray DVD copy of “Dirty Dancing”.

If any homosexual men out there want to be cured like me then I recommend you don’t start with $5,000…I should have tried donating a few hundred dollars but I was so despearte that I just donated my entire savings while I was praying. I know for a fact that a $5,000 prayer will cure homosexuality, but maybe $300 cures it as well.”

During an interview with Tucson’s KGUN-9 News, McCransely told the reporter that he just wants to ‘find a nice woman that I can share an eegee with and potentially marry’.

Christian Sports Stars Exclaims: ‘God Is Forcing Us to Rest’

A group of high-profile Christian athletes have gotten together virtually in order to discuss some of the key spiritual lessons that God could be teaching us during this time of lockdown.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ inaugural “Huddle Up” episode featured NFL tight end Benjamin Watson, NFL quarterback Luke McCown, Los Angeles Rams star receiver Brandin Cooks and St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Adam Wainwright. And what do all these pros have in common? Each is a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

“As Christians, we are called to be the light,” said Wainwright, kicking off the 40-minute discussion. “In this time, there is a lot of negativity around. This is time that we can spend encouraging others to make us look different.”

With all professional sports called off for the foreseeable future, the panelists talked candidly about the profound positive impact such a break was having on both their spiritual and family lives.

“This is intentional. God doesn’t do anything by accident, even all the things that you read about in Job,” McCown explained. “God either ordains or allows every circumstance or situation. He ordains it, meaning that He makes it happen. Or He allows it; He gives permission for it to happen. This is just one of those things.”

“I can’t help but think that we have gotten so busy in our lives, whether it’s just going from ballgame to ballgame or ball practice to ball practice or [taking] the kids to dance recitals and this and that and the other, that there is an element that we are missing.”

McCown declared that God is “causing everything to slow down” through the virus lockdown, and that this, in turn, is giving his family precious additional time “to pull into each other and engage with one another around the dinner table, around the board games [and] around the movie night schedule.”

LA Rams receiver Brandin Cooks added that he and his wife are making the most of their time together by reading through a few books of the Bible. “It’s been awesome from that aspect because now she knows how to challenge me in a way that she didn’t know how to challenge me before,” he explained. “I think this time has been very fortunate for that.”

In some additional remarks, Wainwright implored believers to let this enforced slowdown challenge the relentlessness of our modern lives. “There are just so many distractions that pull us in 12,000 different ways all the time,” he said. “This is the time that if we are going to make the most of a bad situation, we could use this to really settle down and get our priorities straight.”

“We forget how important rest is and how important God makes the art of resting,” Cooks added. “I think during this time right now, we need to figure out a way to rest. I am not saying lounge around. But I am more so saying rest and what it means to rest in His word, praying and getting that reset button and being restored at a time like this.”

Earlier this week, the NFL confirmed that it was planning to go ahead with the 2020 season as scheduled, with games slated to commence in September.

“Our planning, our expectation, is fully directed at playing a full season starting on schedule and having a full regular season and full set of playoffs,” NFL executive vice president Jeff Pash said Tuesday, according to The Guardian. “Am I certain? I’m not certain that I’ll be here tomorrow, but I’m planning on it, and same thing, we are planning on having a full season.”

Religious Gatherings and Lent “Cancelled” By COVID-19

Last week, thousands of events were canceled in consideration of coronavirus, not sparing many church gatherings across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a confusing time for many Christians, as we strive to be a voice of hope to a panicked world while reconciling the necessity to play our part in stopping the spread of severe sickness. As more time at home and less time spent engaging in life’s usual hustle and bustle confines us, one cannot help but think how well the isolation forced by COVID-19 fits into our observance of Lent.

Historically, many Christians have abstained from certain foods during the 40 days of Lent to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection by pursuing physical and spiritual purity. Nowadays, the definition of Lenten fasting has been broadened by some who instead choose to fast from certain hobbies, activities or pastimes in addition to or instead of abstaining from particular foods. The overall goal of Lent, however, is not to curb an addiction to any food or thing; instead, it’s a reminder to take rest for our bodies and our souls to focus on God. As cancelations caused by COVID-19 have revealed, asking Americans to rest can feel no more manageable than making a toddler sit through a Sunday service in silence.

Officials can try to force us to stay home, but receiving appreciation and cooperation in the effort is a much larger request because Americans are addicted to going and doing.

With social media and all kinds of virtual entertainment available to us remotely, we can still ignore the chance to really rest even when we are isolated in our homes. So many Americans are so accustomed to constant stimulation and entertainment that they are no longer practiced in being bored or alone with their thoughts. Christians are equally affected by this phenomenon, even though it goes against the Lord’s command to be still and know He is God. In fact, the Bible is full of advice about rest that often goes ignored by Jesus’ disciples.

Amid these trying times, let’s take more seriously the practices proposed by Lent and rest our bodies to protect others from harm, purifying our hearts and minds as worship to God.

Instead of surrounding ourselves with noise to keep us distracted, let’s allow our minds to wander, our heads to bow in prayer and our hearts to be affected by the needs within our world. In addition to fasting from food or activity, let’s be cleansed of the collective addiction to stay busy as we try to ignore the matters on which we would rather not focus.

And for those of us who haven’t been convinced by medical professionals to wash our hands frequently, take a tip from the Bible if nothing else: “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” (James 4:8, NRSV).

Whether we care to admit it or not, we are all sinners, which means we must all strive to keep our bodies cleansed, our hearts purified and our souls rested in order to glorify God.

Abortion Clinics Continue Killing Babies During Pandemic

COVID-19 and Federal judges have something in common: They both don’t mind killing people!

Federal judges in Alabama and Ohio have blocked attempts to restrict abortions during the coronavirus pandemic.

By classing them “non-essential” medical procedures, the states’ sought to temporarily close down abortion clinics and prohibit terminations until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. In Alabama, the move was slapped down by District Court Judge Myron Thompson, who heard arguments via video link before postponing the ban until at least April 6. “The State’s interest in immediate enforcement of the March 27 order – a broad mandate aimed primarily at preventing large social gatherings – against abortion providers does not based on the current record, outweigh plaintiffs’ concerns,” the judge said, according to Politico.

In Ohio, a judge ruled that the state’s emergency orders are by definition unconstitutional if they prevent women from obtaining abortions. Judge Michael Barrett subsequently ordered a two-week restraining order on the ban, siding with abortion providers like Planned Parenthood who had launched a legal challenge against the state’s decision.

Despite a similar outcome for Texas earlier in the week, on Tuesday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the ban – introduced by Attorney General Ken Paxton – be reinstated. As per the court’s ruling, any abortions that are deemed “not medically necessary to preserve the life or health” of the patient will be prohibited.

“I thank the court for their immediate and careful attention to the health and safety needs of Texans suffering from the spread of COVID-19,” Paxton said in a statement Tuesday, according to CBS News. “The temporary stay ordered this afternoon justly prioritizes supplies and personal protective equipment for the medical professionals in need.”

President Trump proclaims his “Biggest Disappointment” is Shutdown of Churches

President Trump on Wednesday said his “single biggest disappointment” is that churches can’t meet during the COVID-19 pandemic and indicated it’s one reason he considered opening the country before Easter.

Although there is no federal policy governing churches meeting during the pandemic, the White House’s Coronavirus Guidelines urge Americans to “avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people.” Vice President Mike Pence previously said the coronavirus is three times more contagious than the flu.

“My biggest disappointment is that churches can’t meet in a time of need,” Trump said, adding that times of need traditionally are “a great time for churches to be together for people.”

“And yet if you do that … you’re really giving this invisible enemy a very big advantage,” Trump said.

Churches, he said, were “one of the reasons” he considered an Easter date for re-opening the country. Trump called it an “aspirational” date. Eventually, he extended the Coronavirus Guidelines until the end of April.

“It’s very, very disappointing,” he said of churches being unable to meet, “but again, [if] you get too close and if somebody’s sick, you’re gonna probably catch it. So you have to be very careful.”

Some states, such as Washington, specifically prohibit churches from meeting. Others, such as Texas and Florida, specifically exempt churches from their coronavirus policy.

The guidelines suggest:

  • Listen to and follow the directions of your state and local authorities.
  • If you feel sick, stay home. Do not go to work. Contact your medical provider.
  • If your children are sick, keep them at home. Contact your medical provider.
  • If someone in your household has tested positive for the coronavirus, keep the entire household at home.
  • If you are an older American, stay home and away from other people.
  • If you are a person with a serious underlying health condition — such as a significant heart or lung problem—stay home and away from other people.
  • Work or engage in schooling from home whenever possible.
  • If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule. You and your employers should follow CDC guidance to protect your health at work.
  • Avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people.
  • Avoid eating or drinking at bars, restaurants, and food courts — use drive-thru, pickup, or delivery options.
  • Avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips, and social visits.
  • Do not visit nursing homes or retirement or long-term care facilities unless to provide critical assistance.
  • Practice good hygiene: wash your hands, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface; avoid touching your face; sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow; disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.

Popular on Netflix March 2020

Popular on Netflix This Week

With the Coronavirus keeping people locked up in their homes for who knows how long people will need to find things to watch on their TVs, so here are a few streaming programs on Netflix and HULU that will help us get through our bordeom the next few months.

Also with March Madness cancelled there is really nothing fun and exciting to watch, so you better start loving your Netflix and HULU subscriptions!

-Popular On Netflix This Week-

Cop Out

He’s Just Not That Into You

Valentine’s Day


Kung Fu Panda 2

Life As We Know It


Space Jam

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Spenser Confidential

-Best Programs To Stream From HULU-

Now let’s switch from Netflix to HULU.

Nathan for You




The Venture Bros.


The Bisexual


Better Things

The Last Man on Earth

-Spend Time With HBO-

HBO always has wonderful programming and we suggest you watch The Outsider, West World Season 3, and Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10.

And you should also search the internet for pics of beautiful women wearing super tight, and super short clothing!

But try and stay away from the movie theaters where you have a higher risk of caching the coronavirus than you would is you stay home and chill out on your couch watching HULU, Netflix, HBO, and of course the news from time to time so that you know what is happening with the coronoavirus.

Also, Hollywood has pushed the release dates on almost all of their upcoming films so you really won’t be missing out on too much by staying home and staying safe.

Please write in with any programming you think we have missed on this list so we can make sure and get it added.

Amazon Prime also has really fantastic programming that you may want to check out and give a chance to.

School Hires Porn Star To Teach Oral Sex

If you have a child that is a high school senior attending class in the Los Angeles school district, then your student might be seeing this woman below, porn star Alexis Texas, as their new teacher this upcoming Tuesday.

Yes, Alexis Texas, pictured below, is the newest member of the Los Angeles high school faculty.

The Christian community in the Los Angeles area is losing the battle to keep sin out of their children’s lives, and it’s happening at the schools that their children are attending.

Public schools across the nation are about to have the flood gates of sin and sinners unleashed upon our countries high school senior classes.

And the sad fact about what is going on is going to cause our high school to get pregnant and then have abortions.

Isn’t it strange that we can teach high school students sexual education in their class rooms, but the Bible and Christianity cannot even be mentioned in public schools across the country.

And it seems that public schools in the Los Angeles public school disctrict are taking sexual education to a much higher level, and it is stirring up a whole new public school controversy.

A Los Angeles high school has recently hired a porn star to teach sex education to their 12th grade student class.

The school’s pricipal, Edward Harley, told KHUN Channel 7 News yesterday, “We feel that the best way to teach students the proper ways to have sex when they turned 18 years old should be taught by an adult film acctress. Too many women are getting married and have no idea as to how to have sex properly, and this is leading to a high rate of divorce across the nation.”

Alexis Texas can only teach the class to students that are at least 18 years of age or older, and that is about 22% of the high school senor class.

Ms. Texas told KHUN Channel 7 News yesterday, “I really feel that I can help the young women of tomorrow the exact oral skills that they will need to succeed in college and later on in their lives. A woman that cannot perform oral sex that well has no place being in a stable relationship, and I will be teaching these 18 and 19 year old ladies how to deep throat without gagging, and how to swallow without feeling sick.”

Many parents have shown outrage, but the school is allowing parents to attend the classes, and Alexis Texas has promised to have sex with the parents of the student that gets the highest grade in the class.

But one parent, Shelley Hebgarb, told Channel 7, “We should be teaching our children more faith based and Christian values to our senoirs and not how to have sex properly.”

But facts are facts because a new report has come out stating that marriages with healthy sex lives have fewer divorces. Going to church, reading the Bible, and attending Sunday mass at Catholic churches are also great ways to curb divorce rates, but Los Angeles high schools refuse to teach any religion in their class rooms.

Ms. Texas will be bringing in male performers from her industry to perform various sex acts on so that the 18 and 19 year old students, both male and female, know exactly what to do in the bedroom that won’t cause any embarrassment, “All men need to be taught at around 18 and 19 years old how to effectly insert their wieners into a woman’s anus so that both parties feel enjoyment.”

Here are the lectures that Alexis Texas will be teaching:

Session 1: Proper uses of lubricants for anal and vaginal sex

Session 2: How to use a vibrator while having intercourse at the same time

Session 3: How to enjoy a threesome without feeling jealous

Session 4: How to kiss another girl without feeling awkward

Alexis Texas has starred in over 2,000 porn movies where she performs lesbian sex, anal sex, oral sex, and gangbangs.

The school also released a statement explaining that this is just a trial run and Alexis Texas will be working on a semester to semester basis.

Ms. Texas also explained that she will be wearing a cheerleader uniform so that she can really get in touch with the high school environment better so that the students feel more comfortable around her while she is teaching.

Many church leaders in the Los Angeles feel that it’s crazy to teach sex in school when you can’t even discuss the Bible in class. Scripture can’t enter the school but porn stars can, we are truly living in a strange time.

We now live in a society where sinners can teach our children, but anyone that shares any evangelical views or evangelical beliefs upon our children is shunned upon.

Having “porn stars” as teachers is only going to cause abortions in the United States to increase, and increase dramatically they will.

It’s crazy that we cannot even open a Bible in our public schools, but porn stars can teach students how to open their legs.